Indoor Air Quality

How can I improve my Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at home?

  • Have your air ducts cleaned every 2-4 years
  • Replace your furnace filter every 3 months
  • Place Kanberra® products through out your home
  • Place Medical Grade air purifiers in high traffic areas of your home
How do I maintain my Indoor Air Quality?

Our Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals have created 'specialized layout suggestions' of Kanberra® for your home. After you have your air ducts cleaned, ensure you take the necessary steps to create the healthiest indoor air quality possible in your home. Indoor Air Professionals recommendations are: 

  • After your air ducts are professionally cleaned place Kanberra Gel in the air handlers as shown in the below illustration.
  • Kanberra Gel uses only PURE AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL to attack odors at their source; degrading mold, fungus and bacteria to eliminate odors naturally. 
  • Kanberra Gel dissipates into your ventilation system and throughout your home; use during heading and air conditioning season.
  • All-natural Kanberra Gel is safe around children and pets and works 24/7 to clean your air.
  • Simply replace or REFILL the container when the gel turns dark in color and shrinks to a pellet. 

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