Air Purifiers

The most advanced, medical grade Air Purification systems

The EPA has listed Indoor Air Quality as 1 of the top 5 TOP RISKS for our Health.

We offer a full line of medical-grade air purifiers that rid indoor air of particulates, contaminants, and pollutants in the room where installed.

Indoor Air Professionals offers medical-grade air cleaning systems that can result in a much healthier home. 

We are proud to bring you the top-rated air purifiers in the industry — from HealthWay and Austin Air. Installing an air purifier from these leading companies in your home offers many benefits, including:

  • Relief from asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Elimination of airborne mold, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and pollen
  • Fewer colds, headaches, dry or watery eyes, and other ailments
  • A fresher smelling home
  • Healthier lifestyles