Commercial Air Quality Services

You've Breathed Our Clean Air

Indoor Air Professionals has served thousands of businesses with exceptional indoor air quality services. From Fortune 500 companies to small offices, educational facilities, & hospitals to the United States Navy, we can help your business. Reduce risk and liability associated with "sick building" syndrome, improve health for your employees and visitors while optimizing systems for energy efficiency.

  • We offer advanced cleaning and coating for all types and sizes of ductwork.
  • We use patented technology that requires far fewer access openings in the ductwork, and subsequently less labor, disruption, time on the job, and expense.
  • Our Collom Duct Cleaning System™ is the only system that engineering companies specify for use in hospitals.
  • We also offer system coil cleaning and treatment to improve your energy usage, the life of the coil, and indoor air quality.

Services For Your Business - Available in Western New York and San Diego, CA

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