Why Air Duct Cleaning is Critical after New Construction

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Critical after New Construction

There are many specific details involved in remodeling or building a home. With all of these project details on your list, it is likely; your home's air isn't something you've thought about. However, it's something worth everyone's attention. 

The construction process kicks up a great deal of dirt and debris, much of which can end up in your home's air system. Once these particles get into your ductwork, they will accumulate until they eventually get kicked back into your home's air circulation for you to breathe. The accumulation of debris and dirt may not sound serious, but if your home's air quality is bad enough, it can cause health problems.

Routinely cleaning your ducts is essential. However, it's even more critical if your home is newly built or has recently undergone some other form of construction. The air filters in your heating and cooling system can only handle so much before spitting the particles back out into the air, and construction is guaranteed to give it more than it can take. 

Running your HVAC system during the construction process can increase the amount of dust and debris particles that get picked up, and it will cause them to spread more. Using your air conditioning or heating system only after the construction is finished is recommended because of this. 

If you have a newly constructed home and are unaware of the consequences of using the HVAC system during construction, don't feel too bad. It's a common mistake many people make; an air duct cleaning service from Indoor Air Pro can help you return to optimum indoor air quality.