Uninvited House Guests

Uninvited House Guests

The spooky season is upon us! Did you see a monster in the closet? Do you fall asleep hearing a pitter-patter or slithering above your head? The horror stories are real! And, what could be spookier than having critters in your air ducts, creating unhealthy air and living conditions?


The scariest thing you can find in your air ducts might be mold. Since your air ducts are responsible for transferring air from the HVAC unit to the rest of your home, this means that if you have moldy air ducts, all the air flowing through the air ducts is compromised. The best way to ensure that the air flowing throughout your home is clean and safe is by scheduling annual duct cleanings.

Mice and Rats 

One of the most common animals you’ll find scurrying through your air ducts, and your attic are rats and mice. They’re small and can squeeze through tiny spaces to make it inside your home. They can be dangerous to have in your ducts for a few reasons. Both animals love to chew and can even chew through your ductwork. They’ll also leave toxic droppings, which will end up spreading throughout your home as air flows through the ducts. 


Have you ever heard a slithering, swishing sound in your air ducts? If that’s the case, you might have a snake inhabiting your home’s air ducts! That’s right; even snakes can somehow make it into your home’s HVAC system.