The Benefits of Using a Quality Air Purifier

The Benefits of Using a Quality Air Purifier

What is an air purifier?

Air Purifiers are air-cleaning devices intended to provide a more sophisticated way of trapping and eliminating indoor air pollutants than your standard box, or pleated air filter can eliminate. Air cleaning devices may use high-efficiency mechanical filters, UV light, and electrostatic force to rid the indoor air of microscopic particulates, allergens, and even unhealthy gaseous pollutants.

Who benefits from an air cleaner or air purifier? 

According to the EPA, air pollutants can cause severe health issues. Those with serious allergies or asthma can face life-threatening situations due to unwanted indoor air pollutants. The very young and elderly are the most at risk for these populations. If any of your loved ones have severe reactions to an indoor allergen or particulate, it makes sense that you’d want to seek out whatever means to eliminate the pollutant from your home.

If you are prone to bacterial viruses spread through the air, air cleaner could be an additional line of defense. 

Air purifiers trap small particulates that easily pass through a standard filter. Particulate matter includes the following:

  • dust mites
  • molds
  • bacteria
  • viruses