Why Dryer Duct and HVAC Cleaning is Important for the Holidays

Why Dryer Duct and HVAC Cleaning is Important for the Holidays

Your holiday prep list most likely includes trips to the grocery store, gift wrapping, and cleaning your home from top to bottom. But if that list doesn't include having your HVAC system and Dryer Duct Cleaning, you could be putting yourself and your guests at risk. Dirty dryer ducts and HVAC systems can lead to many problems in your home. You could suffer from dirty, polluted air, poor air conditioning and dryer efficiency, and even a risk of dangerous fires. Learn why both HVAC Maintenance and Dryer Duct cleaning should be on everyone's holiday prep list.

Prevent a Fire

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that dryers and washing machines cause an average of 15,970 fires yearly, with dryers causing 92% and an average of $200 million in property damage. 

Cleaning your dryer on your own isn't enough. Without professional help, you'll likely only end up cleaning the interior of your dryer. While this will help keep your clothes clean and fresh, it won't do much to protect you from the risk of fires.

Keeping your home, dryer, and family safe means regular, professional dryer duct cleanings. While these are essential year-round, they're even more critical during the holiday season. You likely have people visiting or even staying at your home. You're washing and drying tons of clothes between parties, having fun in the snow, and having many get-togethers. You're also more likely to neglect essential tasks like cleaning your dryer duct when you're busy over the holidays. Prepare for the holidays before the rush sets in by scheduling a time to clean your dryer duct early. That way, it'll be one less thing to worry about on your holiday to-do list.

Enjoy Cleaner Air

You keep the kitty litter clean and hide away sports gear when guests come over. You light candles to fill your home with holiday scents. You run a carpet cleaner to eliminate old smells and clean to make your home smell fresh. But if you aren't regularly cleaning your HVAC system, the air in your home won't be as fresh and clean as it should be. There are dozens of regular household items that could be polluting your air. The risk increases during the holiday season when guests are coming over. You may have a relative who smokes, no matter how often you ask them not to. You could crack open a window even though it's raining because it gets too stuffy when too many people visit. Some of the pollutants in your home are always there, but you don't exhibit any signs of allergies to them. These toxins could include asbestos, chemicals in new carpets or furniture, or even pesticides. You never know which of your guests could have an allergic reaction to these pollutants. Cleaning your HVAC system ensures your home's air is adequately ventilated and filtered. This will help reduce the pollutants in your home, giving you and your guests cleaner, fresher air to breathe.

A Fresh, Better Smelling Home

From the beginning of the Thanksgiving season to New Year's, your home will likely play host to thousands of smells. From stinky houseguests to tons of dirty laundry and food smells, these can linger for a long time in your home. The more you add different scents, the worse it can get. Do you have guests bringing pets into your otherwise pet-free home? Will your relatives bring their specialty dishes, which can be loaded with fragrant spices, to Thanksgiving? Keeping your HVAC system clean will help ensure that smells get filtered out of your home more effectively. This will help keep your home smelling fresh from holiday to holiday, no matter how many guests and parties you host.

Increase Efficiency

Regularly cleaning your HVAC system and dryer duct will keep your air fresh and your home safe. It can also improve the efficiency of these household devices. Buildup in dryer ducts increases the risk of fires and affects how much air is entering your dryer and the cleanliness of that air. Keeping the dryer duct clean and clear will allow it to operate correctly, giving you fresh, clean, dry clothes every wash. Your HVAC system also requires regular cleaning to continue functioning efficiently. A buildup of dirt and debris will clog your air filters. Not only will this keep your HVAC system from giving you fresh, clean air. It can also affect the flow of air through your system. A dirty HVAC system can affect the efficiency of your heating system. You'll end up having to run your furnace for longer, which can increase your heating costs. If you live somewhere that enjoys snowy holiday seasons, you may not think much about the efficiency of your AC system during the winter months. But unseasonable warmth, or the effect of too many house guests, may leave you wanting to crank up the air. If your system is clean and clear, you will get the fast, cool air you hope for. If you live in a region that enjoys year-round warmth, cleaning your home's air system is even more critical.

Getting Regular HVAC and Dryer Duct Cleanings

Getting your HVAC system and dryer duct cleaned regularly is always important. But during the busy holiday months, it is even more so. Prevent fires, a stinky home, poor air quality, and more by scheduling house cleaning early.


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