Healthy Workplaces for Healthier People

Healthy Workplaces for Healthier People

Clean air is vital for a healthy life. We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. Thus, 90% of the air we breathe is determined by the buildings where we spend most of our time. How these buildings and their systems are designed and maintained determines their air quality and how it affects our health. 

How many of us are sure that the air we breathe every moment inside our homes, offices, or any other buildings is safe?

A recent study evaluated 30 offices located in nine cities of India. Building data collected from project teams and professionals who work at the buildings, along with onsite measurements, inspections, and occupant feedback collected through online surveys, were all analyzed to determine whether the buildings were delivering healthy and comfortable spaces. Important parameters that define workspace quality were evaluated, such as indoor air quality, lighting, access to outdoor views, thermal comfort, and acoustics. 

CO2 levels, which are generally used to evaluate the ventilation adequacy of any space, were found to be higher than the recommended threshold of 75% of the office spaces, indicating inadequate ventilation. Poor maintenance of the ventilation system and incorrect operational practices led to reduced fresh air intake, resulting in indoor pollutant build-up. In some of the offices studied it was observed that due to high outdoor air pollution, the building operators shut off outdoor air intake to reduce the entry of outdoor pollutants inside the space, unaware of the resulting increase in the levels of indoor pollutants.

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