Hidden Dangers of Dryer Lint

Hidden Dangers of Dryer Lint

Dryer vents have a long, unfortunate history of causing thousands of house fires. Dryers depend on a 4-inch diameter, unrestricted metal vent to exhaust the hot, moist air to the outdoors. Many people regard the vent as a necessary evil and hardly give it another thought. When the dryer takes longer to dry an average size load, most people don’t understand why. 

Hidden Dangers of Dryer Lint

If homeowners take quick action and get help to find out the reason behind long dry times, most dryer fires wouldn’t happen. When a dryer suffers from a blocked or restricted vent, lint won’t get exhausted outdoors but inside the dryer or the vent. Over time, the lint builds up and creates a restriction or blockage that builds up inside the dryer and makes its way to the source of the heat. Imagine for a moment what happens when dryer lint comes into contact with a glowing red heating element or the open flame of a gas burner. The lint inside the dryer ignites quickly and uses air from the vent to help it grow. After ignition, the flame follows the path of the vent and ignites the lint inside the vent. Most contractors route vents inside walls and in the ceilings of rooms before they exit the house. A lint fire can burn through a non-metal vent and catch a home on fire. If that isn’t bad enough, the dryer suffers irreparable internal damage caused by the fire. 

Learn to Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer lint is very dangerous, and it’s wise to learn how to prevent a dryer fire. To put the danger of lint into perspective, some camping materials suggest using a ball of lint as a firestarter because it ignites with a single match. Aside from common sense, such as regular vent cleanings and dryer maintenance, replacing your old vent with a rigid or flexible metal vent (rigid preferred) offers the best assurance that if a lint fire 

starts, there’s a better chance it stays contained inside the vent without spreading to the interior walls. The length of the vent determines its efficiency and can cause restricted airflow if not installed correctly. In every case, replace your vent if it’s plastic or foil. These materials burn and increase the chance of a dryer fire traveling through the vent and igniting the interior walls of your house.

Is dryer lint really that dangerous? 

Yes, it is. Remember the importance of dryer safety and regular vent cleanings. Dryer vent cleaning isn’t a simple task as many think. Professionals trained in proper vent cleaning and installation know firsthand the importance of maintaining your venting system. Indoor Air Professionals is staffed with knowledgeable technicians experienced in all areas of duct cleaning.