Corona Virus and Our Recommendations

Corona Virus and Our Recommendations

Covid-19 / Corona Virus

In this uncertain time, we recommend you clean your hands, clean your surfaces, clean your clothes, and clean your air.

Frequent hand washing is recommended by the CDC and we have been recommending Kanberra Soap because it has tea tree oil and tea tree oil has been identified as having antiviral properties.  In fact, there is a study at the bottom of this blog post about tea tree oil.

Surfaces are notorious for virus spread and we recommend Kanberra Spray for the same reasons we recommend the soap; tea tree oil has been found to show promising antiviral properties. In addition, the spray does a great job of neutralizing odors in the air and on surfaces.  If your kids are home from school, this can be pretty useful.

Kanberra Sport laundry additive was developed for athletes to deep clean their workout clothes but the addition of tea tree oil to your laundry regimen will reduce odors, bacteria, and viruses.  If this laundry additive is good enough for the world's best athletes, it's more than good enough for your family's clothes. The cleaner your environment is, the better you will feel.

And finally, to clean the air, we recommend a mechanical air purifier in tandem with Kanberra Gel which is an all-natural air purifier.  The mechanical air purifier draws air in and runs it through filters to get rid of particles, while Kanberra Gel is an all natural air purifier that gets tea tree oil airborne to clean the air.

With your hands, surfaces, clothes, and air clean, your family is more likely to feel better during this time of social distancing.

FYI on the efficacy of Tea Tree Oil:

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health had the following results:

AIMS: To investigate the in vitro antiviral activity of Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil (TTO) and its main components…

CONCLUSIONS: These data show that TTO has an antiviral activity…

Read more here.