Shipping now, Clean Air, Covid
Shipping Now, Covid 19, Clean Air

AUSTIN AIR HEALTHMATE Indoor Air Professional's Air Quality Bundle (Black or Sandstone)

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Want to combine the best Air Purifier on the market with the best 100% All-Natural Active ingredient Tea Tree oil products for your air, surfaces, and personal care?

Our name says it all. We are passionate about Air Quality. Our Friends over at Kanberra are passionate about air, surface, and personal care quality as well. 

Please enjoy our Included products from Kanberra Gel (Over $100 Value)

  • 1 - 8oz Gel
  • 1 - 4oz Gel
  • 1 - 7oz Soap
  • 1 - 7 oz Hand Sanitizer Alternative
  • 1 - 2oz Spray



Who should consider the HealthMate®?

  • Those looking for protection against contaminants such as viruses and bacteria
  • Individuals with indoor air quality concerns
  • Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles, chemicals and gases
  • Families looking for protection from every day indoor air pollutants

Health Benefits

  • Reduces the viral load to minimize risk of infection or severity of disease
  • Lessens night time allergies and asthma attacks
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Eases coughing, wheezing and sneezing
  • Reduces dry mouth and runny nose
  • Sounder sleep
  • Reduced snoring

  • Why is the HealthMate® the best choice for me?

    • Medical Grade HEPA effectively removes 95% of airborne viruses that are 0.1 microns and larger.
    • Efficiently removes a wide range of airborne pollutants and allergens, including dust, pollen, chemicals and gases
    • Filters bacteria

    The Austin Air HealthMate® was selected for use in a clinical trial at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre. The team monitored a group of children with asthma who were regularly exposed to second-hand smoke. The aim of the study was to determine how the use of our air purifiers could help to reduce the number of times the children went to hospital. The results were clear, running one of our units in the children’s bedrooms while they slept, reduced their hospital visits by nearly 20%.

    • The most effective way to remove particles in the air including dust, pollens, and smoke elements
    • Great at removing chemicals and gases from the air
    • Removes viruses and bacteria
    • Designed to last for years, removing all air pollutants and delivering the freshest of air
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Treats up to 1500 sq. ft.
    • *Free Ground Shipping to the lower 48 states